General Considerations for Sabertooth (Weighted Missile System)

It was previously thought that sabertooth tigers had disappeared from the Earth long before humans appeared. Recently, however, evidence has been unearthed that reveals some of these monsters were still present when our ancestors finally managed to stand upright. It’s a terrible concept and one that still rings down through the years. Now picture yourself in a situation full with danger, the excitement of the hunt, the raw power of nature, and other such things. When you subtract all of that power, the Sabertooth notch is all that’s left.

Initial reactions are positive. The icons are all well-drawn, and the 5 reels and 4 rows spin against a vibrant and colorful backdrop. Select a wager between 50 percent and $500, and press the spin button. The animation then slows to a prehistoric pace, effectively transporting the viewer back in time. To combat the growing sense of impatience, turbo spins would be a fantastic addition. While the reels are spinning, the game plays a little jingle, but otherwise is silent. Sabertooth has the feel and design of a classic slot machine. Sabertooth is a digital reimagining of a classic physical slot machine from WMS’s vast library of games, so this is to be expected.

Although the icons are well-drawn, the overall quality is low. Bets are distributed across 50 paylines, and payouts are compared to the amount wagered each line. Pears, plums, oranges, and cherries, all found on the first tier, can award payouts of up to 2 times the line bet. Watermelons, speartips, and necklaces are the intermediate-value symbols, paying 0.2 to 2 times the line bet. The rodent, dodo, rhino, and mammoth are the higher paying symbols at 0.3x – 10x the line bet. In other words, it wasn’t enough to completely sway your opinion.

An unsatisfactory return to player (RTP) of 95.92% combined with considerable volatility causes frustration. Sabertooth’s top reward requires a bet of $/€500 every round, which is out of reach for the vast majority of players.

Characteristics of Sabertooth (WMS)

Get the Sabertooth character involved as much as possible to get the most out of the game. There are two emblems featuring him:

The saber-toothed tiger’s face wild substitutes for all other symbols (save the scatter) on reel one.

The full-body sabertooth tiger substitutes for the pay symbols on reels 2, 3, and 5.

In order to trigger the Sabertooth Nudge Bonus, you need the Face Wild to appear on reel 1 alongside the body wilds appearing on any of the other reels. When a reel with a body wild is spun, the entire reel will turn wild.

The campfire icon is the gird’s scatter and can show up wherever. If three or more appear on adjacent reels, beginning with reel 1, you’ll win 8 free spins and 2x to 50x your original wager. During the bonus round, the backdrop and symbols transform into an Ice Age setting, while the values of the symbols themselves remain unchanged. During this bonus round, you can win an additional 8 free spins by completing the requirements listed above.

WMS is an industry veteran that has discontinued a small number of games of its own design throughout the course of its long history. Unfortunately, Sabertooth is not even close to being in that group. If you’re looking for a nature-themed slot from WMS, Raging Rhino or Raging Rhino Megaways, both of which offer jackpots of 10,000x or more, are much better options than Sabertooth.

The plodding tempo, relatively high minimum bet amount (which will deter most low-rollers), bland medium volatility gameplay, and poor RTP are all things that hold Sabertooth back. Full screen wilds or mammoth’s will award the maximum payout of 500x, but this is an extremely difficult target to hit. At this rate, the next ice age will be well underway before the ball finally drops.

If there are more desirable alternatives, then why bother coming here to play? Aside from the potential for a life-changing windfall, there isn’t much else that would entice someone to give this a try. Perhaps those who would like to simulate the experience of playing at a land-based casino in their own homes. Clinging to the last possible hope, we are. While slots with a Sabertooth theme are quite uncommon, they have been done before. It has been suggested that Sabretooth is merely Quickspin’s Razortooth with a different name.

It’s difficult to pinpoint why playing Sabertooth is so boring. There’s nothing compelling about it, no delight to be had from pressing the spin button, and no excitement to speak of. The sabertooth tiger was designed to be a massive, terrifying predator. It’s too bad that Sabertooth the slot didn’t get the benefit of some of that pent-up frustration.

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